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Psychic Coach ● Business Consultant ● Course Leader

Founder of Quantum Inner-Child Healing

How can I support your transformation?


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TransforMe Package

This package is customized just for you & focuses on either self growth or business impact.

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Freedom Fridays

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Money Alchemy Course

Create real wealth in your life and business. The truth about money and how to shift out of lack consciousness. 

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Here, devotion is put towards personal transformation through Webinars, Psychic Coaching & Soul Journeys.  If you are going through a transition and would like to anchor in your power, confidence and sense of clarity then I am here to support your transformation.

Using my natural born gifts, years of training and experience; together, we will take a deep dive to face the depths of your unconsciousness and get to the source of whatever core-belief patterns are blocking you from living the life of your dreams right now.  Once we uncover these blocks, you will naturally shift into a higher vibrational state of being.

It takes courage to take an authentic look inside of your Self and dismantle what no longer serves you, but on the other side of this journey you will experience a shift into more freedom, joy and fulfillment.  

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What's It Like Working With Freedom? 

Eva Scheiringer

"Ever feel like a powerful Ferrari that's stuck in second gear? You know there is more to life but you just can't shift? The answer is simple: Find the right coach to teach you how.

When I was introduced to Freedom, I literally took a quantum leap forward. Our first session was a complete soul realignment and shifted me from second gear into 5th gear over night. Addressing and healing deep soul wounds, both ancestral and from my childhood, unlocked my potential and showed me where I was stuck. The change in me was imminent, it freed up a lot of old baggage and aligned me with my higher purpose even more clearly.

Freedom is a wonderful coach who guides you through the process with ease and comfort. She can show you templates you are running that stop you from reaching your potential. I have been able to shift quickly in our coaching calls and get on the right track instantly.

What I love about her most is her courage to be honest, her willingness to go deep, the way she makes things clear to you, and the feeling of peace you walk away with after a session."

Freedom Fridays 

“Freedom Fridays” is a Live Facebook show on the first and third Friday of each month. Freedom is a Motivational Speaker, Psychic Coach & Business Consultant. Not only does Freedom do an Energetic Forecast for the Collective, she also gives away free tools, activations and mini readings during the show. Come join our growing tribe around the “sacred fire” for these divine transmissions!

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