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Divine Masculine Rising Webinar ( PURCHASE NOW THROUGH STORE)

Divine Masculine Rising is a webinar co-led by Direct Intuitive & Field Expert Emily Harris & Psychic Coach/Akashic Record Guide Freedom Franklin. Together they will assist both the Feminine & Masculine into releasing the wounding that causes subconscious co-dependency, teach the Masculine practical tools to break their patterns, show the feminine how she can support the masculine, and heal the divide that has disabled this paradigm shift to lock in. Included in this webinar is live 1:1 coaching/readings as well as a healing activation through the energetic fields to balance out the upgrades that are necessary to support Divine Unions for the Collective.

Mary Magdalene & Jesus Sacred Heart Union




This webinar was done on the sacred Yeshua & Magdalene Grids in Paris. This is the full download of the new Masculine heart center coming in from Yeshua and Magdalene. This will activate a new heart based intelligence coming in for Divine Unions as we prep for the Staff and Rod and full returns of the Christ/ Sophia heart consciousness. This is also a Sacred Heart abundance activation coming into full prosperity within the masculine fields.


APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED (If you feel called to take this training please email Freedom through Aloha/Contact me to be put on the waitlist for end of 2019/2020 classes).

Quantum Inner Child Healing Level. 1 Certification Training

Freedom has distilled inner child healing down to a specific step by step process on a quantum level that can get to the root of a core wound clear it and heal it within 30 minutes. After years of frustration trying inner child healing knowing that it was helping but it was still not clearing the pain she started to download this process. Freedom works with Spiritual Teachers, Coaches, survivors of neglect & abuse, Conscious Relationships and spiritually gifted people. This certification program will be a training to support people from getting out of healing loops and story traps. You will get to experience Freedom as your guide in an intimate container for 3months. She will do live 1:1 coaching and teach you how to use this technique to dismantle ANY trigger! You will also be empowered to start working on your own clients or weave this into your existing services. You will be certified in Level 1 QIC after taking this class to practice this with your own clients or students.

5 classes + 1 Bonus class

Spaces are limited to 8 participants.