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The Half & Half:

Psychic Coaching & Soul Realignment

(Freedom has phased out of single sessions, there are only 3 single sessions available/month)

This is Freedom's most popular session! Many clients cannot decide on which session they want. Some clients would like a feel for the Soul Realignment before committing. If you're in this boat then this session is perfect for you! Freedom starts by reading your field and energetic body, from this point she will guide you in an energetic realignment and choose which are the most important blocks , curses or templates to clear at this time by long-distance healing on your energetic body & fields and through accessing your Akashic Records. After this she will go into the regular reading and give you clear guidance on any questions you may have or any situations you need support with in your life. This session is perfect for anyone who wants to do the work to clear their core wounding as well as energetic support.

 ATTN:  Clients MUST download free appWhatsApp  

***Freedom will call you directly through WhatsApp to the phone number you provided. Sessions are non-refundable. Refunds will NOT be issued if you miss your appointment for any reason; including, miscalculation of time zone or failure to have reliable WiFi. Please plan ahead.

Half & Half 60 min/ $333