1. Is there something wrong with her calander?

If you cannot book a session then Freedom is booked solid at this time. Please make sure you are subscribed to her email list so you will be notified when her calnder re-opens. She usually books out 2 months in advanced.

2.  Can I still get a FREE 15 min. consult call?

Freedom is no longer giving consultation calls for Psychic Coaching sessions; however, consultation calls are available for the TransforMe Package.

3. I subscribed to the website but I have not received the monthly newsletter?

Make sure you add Free@FreedomFranklin.com to your address so her emails don't get lost in spam or promotions.

4.  I bought my session online, now what?

A confirmation email has been sent to your inbox, please read it carefully so you do not miss your appointment time.

5. Can I please use Video chat such as skype for my session?

No video sessions are permitted. You are allowed to voice record with your own equipment. (Exceptions for the hearing impaired can be made).

6. Refund/ Cancellation Policy: 

It is normal to feel triggers such an anxiety, anger, fear, nervousness or excitement prior to your session. Sometimes people find themselves self sabotaging their session. There are no refunds, no exceptions.

8. I Missed My Appointment: NO REFUNDS NO EXCEPTION

Freedom's time is valuable and so are her services, if you miss your appointment this could have been an opportunity for someone else's transformation. It is your full responsibility to set yourself up to be on the correct day, time zone, access to reliable Wifi & WhatsApp. NO EXCEPTIONS.