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Soul Retrieval/Akashic Records/Field Clearing/Deleting Templates & Soul Contracts

(Freedom has phased out of single sessions, there are only 3 single sessions available/month)

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the Self and have a full Soul Realignment? Do you have a foundation of "doing the work"? Have you been on the Awakening path for awhile and you have tried several healing modalities, medicine journeys or have a lot of experience with dismantling your Egoic constructs but have gotten stuck, stagnant, or can't seem to experience the SHIFT you desire? This is a modern day Soul Retrieval in which Freedom will guide you through a journey back in time to heal your inner child from this life as well as visit the past lives in which fragments of your soul have been lost in old trauma, clear and activate your field and chakras, break and create new contracts & do a complete run through your Akashic records to integrate these pieces and bring you back through time powerfully aligning you to your power, gifts & highest bliss. Clients have reported experiencing a shift in their being, bodies and overall perspective of life from this deep dive session.

ATTN:  Clients MUST download free appWhatsApp  

***Freedom will call you directly through WhatsApp to the phone number you provided. Sessions are non-refundable. Refunds will NOT be issued if you miss your appointment for any reason; including, miscalculation of time zone or failure to have reliable WiFi. Please plan ahead.

Soul Realignment 75 min/$444