Here, devotion is put towards personal transformation through Webinars, Psychic Coaching & Soul Journeys.  If you are going through a transition and would like to anchor in your power, confidence and sense of clarity then I am here to support your transformation. Using my natural born gifts, years of training and experience; together, we will take a deep dive to face the depths of your unconsciousness and get to the source of whatever core-belief patterns are blocking you from living the life of your dreams right now.  Once we uncover these blocks, you will naturally shift into a higher vibrational state of being. It takes courage to take an authentic look inside of your Self and dismantle what no longer serves you, but on the other side of this journey you will experience a shift into more freedom, joy and fulfillment.  

Love & Blessings,


"Franklin is indeed a rare commodity these days in the healing Arts"

Freedom Franklin frankly changed my life. And no small thing. I did three Spiritual Healing sessions and several massages with her and between her incredible intuitive “ hits” and healing hands I was truly transformed. Her knowledge of appropriate oils and exact massage tactics is also one of her major gifts. I would say she is more than a therapist but an artist in knowing exactly what to use for what physical and spiritual issue for each individual!!! She works on all levels ....physical, emotional, and spiritual. Her knowledge is immense and she is a dedicated and a most compassionate practitioner!!! Franklin is indeed a rare commodity these days in the healing Arts!!!!
— Blair S. │ Writer, Arizona
I was deeply moved by Freedom’s bodywork and felt that she picked up several particular issues that had been troubling me for a long time, and addressed them therapeutically. She has a very intuitive sense of a person and this really helped me in several ways. First of all, it made me more conscious of my body in ways that helped me ultimately get stronger. Secondly, she opened up areas of movement for me that had been cut off by a previous injury. For these things I am deeply grateful.
— Anonymous │ MML, MD, San Fransisco, C.A.
Freedom is an amazing “healer” who changed my life. Her intuitive spirit and magical hands brought me to a place I never experienced. Her knowledge of both the body and mind is on a level that only few have achieved in a life time. Not only was she informative, but her compassion for me the person and me the body will last forever. Anyone who meets Freedom will know right away what I am talking about—she has a “thing” that I am not sure has a word...but she floats on a much higher level. If there was a crown for massage therapy, she would be named QUEEEN! If you want to change your life, you will seek out Freedom. She is a force of nature that will blow you away!
— Pamela F. │ Designer & Creator of Good Charma
I’ve known Freedom for nearly 15 years and several times she has given me Spiritual Healing/Chakra Readings. She is extremely perceptive, not only about future events but your path in life, your relationships, and to the people you surround yourself with. The events she predicted in my life were spot on, from the date I moved to New York to envisioning me cooking with my little boy & girl, even their birth order. Freedom’s energy is so loving and healing…she is so wise, millenniums beyond her numerical age.
— Tanya W. │ Chef San Diego C.A.