Freedom was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in San Diego California. Starting at age 17, Freedom began taking transformational seminars and giving psychic readings and energy healings. At age 19 she completed a leadership intensive and became an intuitive Life Coach. She was on the production team to create the first Landmark Forum in Thailand. At age 21 she backpacked through Europe for two months then moved to Los Angeles where she began work at FOX Studios. Starting at Building services then promoted to Executive Assistant to the SVP of FOX Mobile she realized she was disconnected to her spirituality. Moving back home to San Diego she was sexually assaulted by her friends and suffered with PTSD for years to come. Studying meditation at Buddhist temples in Thailand then graduating from Healing Hands School of Holistic Health as a Massage Therapist; Holistic Health Practicioner & Reiki Master she worked at both Bella D'ora Day Spa & The Golden Door Resort. She opened her own private practice in Encinitas specializing in Sports Injury Recovery & Deep Tissue. After years of "Inner child" therapy she felt like she was stuck in a healing loop in which she had gained more self love, an awareness of her belief systems and egoic patterns but could not feel a tangible shift in her state of being. After being introduced to psychadelics as a form of medicine she had a profound experience in which she performed a soul retrieval on her self and gained wisdom on how to clear trauma from the mind & body. Stepping back into a deeper rememberance of who she was and why she incarnated here she started her own massage business and started teaching classes and doing psychic readings. In 2016 she was introduced to her High Self/Future Self that is a part of the Arcturian Council and both her past and future self merged into a multidimensional state of living. She has led talks at Healing Hands Holistic Retreat, spoke at and co-produced Terra Madre Gathering, led a group healing and opened a portal at Lucidity Festival and led a workshop at Lightning In A Bottle. Spirit asked her to start spreading messages regarding the Ascension & the New Earth through Facebook live in 2017. After gaining a loyal following Freedom launched her Psychic Coaching business in which she has coined Quantum Inner Child healing as a New Earth tool to clear core wounds and emotional triggers, offers Conscious Business Consulting, Soul Retrievals/Field work/Grid work/Akashic record re-coding. Freedom’s bliss is traveling the world as an Inspirational speaker as well as working on production teams for transformational music festivals.